Seismic Vault

Local and worldwide seismic events recorded by the RaspberryShake 4D Seismograph located in a seismic vault
in my backyard (images of the vault shown to the left)

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Recent Chino Hills Seismic Activity

Note: Not all earthquakes detected are felt. Quakes with values over 125,000 on the scale below are usually large enough to experience shaking.
Recent Significant Earthquakes*
05-23-2019 01:45:186.155km ENE of Amatignak Island, Alaska3,206
05-16-2019 12:12:042.66km ENE of North Tustin, CA12
05-16-2019 05:24:312.58km NNW of Banning, CA45
05-14-2019 05:58:267.545km NE of Kokopo, Papua New Guinea6,368
05-12-2019 12:24:506.18km N of Canoas, Costa Rica2,825
05-09-2019 14:26:302.14km ENE of Brea, CA9
05-06-2019 14:19:357.233km NW of Bulolo, Papua New Guinea6,830
05-02-2019 21:11:18331km SE of Santa Cruz Is. (E end), CA93
04-28-2019 17:13:143.38km NNW of Borrego Springs, CA86
04-25-2019 05:01:512.23km WSW of Pedley, CA11

* Earthquakes in last 60 days are displayed with a magnitude and distance indicating possible detection above background noise in Chino Hills, CA. Source:

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