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Seismic Vault

Local and worldwide seismic events recorded by the RaspberryShake 4D Seismograph located in a seismic vault
in my backyard (images of the vault shown to the left)

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Earthquakes within 200mi of Chino Hills, Ca
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Recent Chino Hills Seismic Activity

Note: Not all earthquakes detected are felt. Quakes with values over 125,000 on the scale below are usually large enough to experience shaking.
Recent Significant Earthquakes*
04-07-2020 18:00:143.215km ESE of Anza, CA74
04-07-2020 17:35:563.315km ESE of Anza, CA74
04-07-2020 17:30:493.515km ESE of Anza, CA74
04-06-2020 11:10:02314km SW of Searles Valley, CA120
04-06-2020 08:58:143.56km NNE of North Shore, CA106
04-05-2020 15:37:183.518km ESE of Anza, CA76
04-05-2020 14:07:443.515km ESE of Anza, CA74
04-03-2020 22:12:353.516km ESE of Anza, CA75
04-03-2020 21:07:223.616km ESE of Anza, CA75
04-03-2020 20:17:463.514km SSW of Tehachapi, CA86
04-03-2020 19:59:233.116km ESE of Anza, CA75
04-03-2020 19:05:003.716km ESE of Anza, CA75
04-03-2020 18:55:353.119km ESE of Anza, CA77
04-03-2020 18:54:223.817km ESE of Anza, CA76
04-03-2020 18:53:184.917km ESE of Anza, CA76
03-31-2020 16:52:306.570km W of Challis, Idaho742
03-26-2020 01:13:42319km S of Trona, CA115
03-24-2020 19:49:217.5219km SSE of Severo-Kuril'sk, Russia4,275
03-22-2020 22:53:574.321km N of Searles Valley, CA140
03-22-2020 15:38:046.1Central East Pacific Rise2,799
03-20-2020 04:52:543.615km ENE of Ridgecrest, CA119
03-18-2020 15:08:205.215km W of Petrolia, CA578
03-18-2020 06:09:315.76km NNE of Magna, Utah562
03-15-2020 19:40:463.414km N of Ocotillo, CA124
03-08-2020 19:59:085.869km W of Petrolia, CA603
03-06-2020 19:52:035.571km SE of Estacion Coahuila, B.C., MX241
03-03-2020 14:07:352.712km W of Manhattan Beach, CA49

* Earthquakes in last 60 days are displayed with a magnitude and distance indicating possible detection above background noise in Chino Hills, CA. Source:

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